The Diary of Communications Lab

Is there a way to convey my ideas without talking or even writing?

The answer is "YES".

As an emotional person, my feeling has been changing and changing during Fall 2018. Luckily, the Communications Lab projects gave me a space to pour out my feeling or understanding of community, life, being a grown up, etc.

This diary displays the four projects that I did with my teammates, and records the process as well as my thoughts while doing the projects. Click the either of the button on the top left to read the diary ~

Hi, I'm Lichen!

Hi, I'm Lichen!

Business and Finance Major, Visiting student from NYU Shanghai.

I had a really great time in NYU Abu Dhabi,

especially in Communications Lab,

I began to write my Comm Lab diary at the beginning of the semester.

Now it's time to show our great achievements,

and express my gratitude to everything here!

30 Minutes Film Festival Website

Tue, September 25th.

I stayed up until 3am last night, designing Starbucks film website when drinking Starbucks Caffe Latte. Searching different effects online is fun, but branding the website and positioning are harder than I thought.

Prompt of the project

Make a web page to locate and promote the film that we produced in class within 30 minutes.


Website is a great platform to provide the basic information and market the film. Elements in the website, such as the looking, contents, film itself can affect audience's choices. Utilizing what I have learned in the marketing class, I tried to make this way of communication (promotion) concise but gentle, meaning that audience would easily know the product that I want to focus on, but would still appreciate the art side of the product.

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Comic Project - The Reverse Circle of Life

Tue, October 16th.

My partner and I intended to find a fantastic set for the comic story. Then we found The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2007).

In order to get familiar with the plot and the emotions in the film, I watched the film over the weekend, and... sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. I wrote on my weibo (a Chinese social media platform):

See Translation for the post
I was really moved by The Curious Case of Benjamin Button... If life is really in reverse, will people understand more about life?

Prompt of the project

Create a 6-panel comic using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. The comic should tell a story, include some form of "interactivity", and be live on the web page.


We start creating our story by thinking about "interactivity". The special setting of the comic, which in our case is the flow of time versus the reverse life of the main character, is addressed by the scrolling effect. In the meantime, we tried to follow the traditional comic, as we include the word balloon, the time difference between and within the panel, detailed drawings, etc.

Please have a look and see whether we achieved our goal ~

Sound Project - MELODY

Tue, November 13th

Farewell by Pu Shu

Pu Shu, the singer of this version of the song once said: I would have nothing to regret if I could write such lyrics. Pu Shu's version is the best in my opinion, as his voice is soft and gentle, while contains a touch of gloomy, which is exactly the style of the lyrics.

The song reminded me of the night after my kindergarten graduation ceremony, when I called every classmate and we promised we would contact each other frequently -

None of us did since then.

Prompt of the project

Create a 2-3 minute sound piece that "takes us on a journey". The piece must tell a story, and must include some original recorded audio.


A successful sound piece can drive people to depict the scenarios through imagination and get the feeling that the composer wants to address without any visual aid. The song Farewell has versions of American, Japanese, and Chinese, while each addresses distinctive emotions. Therefore, my partner and I intended to utilize the melody of this song in three sound pieces, while each respectively describes the emotion of "Missing Childhood", "Sadness to say goodbye", and "Missing Home".

Click to listen to the pieces ~

Video Project - How to be an adult

Tue, December 11th

Three of us sat around the table in the IM Lab, thinking really hard. We wanted to think up a simple topic, and really dig into the deep side. After three hours' brainstorming, we decided to produce a "how to be an adult" tutorial, and -

I felt so proud when I saw people watching the video with a mysterious smile in the IM showcase.

Prompt of the Project

The option that we chose is: Create a three part video that teaches the audience "How to Do Something".The video should utilize the Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects, and the webpage that incorporates the video should have some interactivity.


Unlike the usual film project, one of the emphases of this video project is "interactivity", which is also a manifestation of the power of webpage. Nothing would be more joyful when the users find that they can "click, click, click" after watching the video, and get some return after their reactions.

Click to watch and interact ~


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